What Would We Do Without You ???

Vol. 8, No. 4 ¨   A Newsletter for the Volunteers of Wellness House   ¨ June 1998

Hope Starts Here...With YOU!

No matter where we start, talking about HOPE STARTS HERE is a real delight. The number of walkers doubled our hopes, the attention to the organization was phenomenal, and the net funds raised blew us away. For a first time event, this was a 14 on a 10-point scale – all of it due to the fantastic support from YOU, the volunteers of Wellness House!

Sue Besio and Bethanne George as Co-Chairs for the event spent the hours necessary for organization, coordination and trouble-shooting to insure that the pieces came together seamlessly for those who provided the financial and in-kind support for the walkers. New Board member Greg Besio and Board member Rick George provided some troubleshooting ahead of time and major coordination the day of the walk. We applaud their tireless efforts and heartfelt dedication. Because of them the groundwork has been laid for a successful fundraiser for many years to come.

Theresa Henderson and Sallie Silvey co-chaired the Walk Coordination Committee. With three starting sites and three routes to cover, recruiting and training volunteers was a big part of their jobs, above and beyond the simple logistics. Their consistent attention to detail provided for a safe, expedient and enjoyable time for all who joined in the Walk. Hinsdale Hospital provided first aid kits and Carolyn Helf, RN organized Ci Littlefield, June & Paul Zogas, and Claire Schafer to serve as nurses for each of the routes.

Our professional staff, as well as other professionals in the area, was mightily impressed with the job that Sarah Donovan and Suzy O’Toole did with the Publicity Committee. Somehow, these two had brochures in almost every business and organizational office in the area. Governing Council member Kathy Dietz’s husband secured $5,000 in advertising from the Chicago Tribune and found printers to help with the walk brochure and program.

Susan Greenman and Jane Zaug co-chaired the Celebration Committee – feeding and entertaining over 1,000. Where did all of those cupcakes come from??? New Governing Council and Board member Chris Schramko worked with Jane Zaug and Bill Walker to secure the Corner Bakery’s participation in the event. New Governing Council member Maureen Bingle magically made the stilt walking "Flying Fool", a crew of face painters, and Benny the Bull appear. And what would we have done without the connections of Hollis Haxby whose calls produced the tent, tables, chairs and other numerous equipment needs? New Governing Council member Ernie Sadau, President of Hinsdale Hospital and Judy Leach and Ronda Klocko who helped coordinate the Hinsdale Hospital survivors day event with the Hope Starts Here celebration.

The staff of Wellness House and many of their family members participated in the walk and volunteered to help with the event. Thanks to Nancee Biank, Jeannie Cella, Cathy Carroll, Marna Dysart, Ann Filipski, Carol and Jim Gallagher, Kristine Hargreaves, Peg LaPlante, John Murphy, Marilyn Perlman, Vince and Emily River, Howard Stidwill, Kay Thurn, and Bill Walker. WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT YOU!!!! Walkers also included a team from The Courtyard led by Courtyard Coordinator Carol Forbes and decked out in their own special t-shirts. Most of them went immediately to work when they arrived at the House. That group just knows how to serve!!!!

Many of the Junior Auxiliary members participated at some point during the weekend – from stuffing Goodie Bags on Friday evening through clean-up on Sunday afternoon. President of the Junior Auxiliary, Jackie Zimmer, was everywhere for almost the entire weekend providing great support and great leadership.

As you might suspect, the list goes on and on and on…. So in appreciation of Everybody who so generously gave of their time and talents, Wellness House has taken out a full-page ad in the Friday, June 12th edition of The Doings. The reduced copy, located on page 4, truly shows the amount of effort that went into this tremendously successful event. WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT YOU???

Other Survivors Day Events…

On Sunday June 7th, a dedicated group of volunteers attended various survivors day events in the Chicagoland area to bring the message to those in need that Wellness House is available to help them cope with the effects of cancer in their lives. By handing out brochures and talking with individuals at the University of Chicago, Edward Hospital & Good Samaritan Hospital, and the Cardinal Bernadin Cancer Center of Loyola Medical Center, Dan Tarka, Terri Baebler, Barbara LeBreton, Marianne Archelaus, Marie Coyne, and Kay Gilmore made a significant impact in these important outreach opportunities.

Thanks to Our Panelists...

On June 4th, four cancer survivors presented a panel discussion on survivorship for Wellness House participants. Thanks to Janet Clemento-Schawel, Ellen Porterfield, Wayne Pozniak, and Ann Powell for taking the time to share their experiences and the resources they used to enhance their healing and promote wellness in their lives. This event was taped by MediaOne and is expected to air on Channel 3 at 7 p.m. on Monday, June 15th for MediaOne customers.

An additional thanks to Janet who has shared her artwork with the Wellness House community for the month of June. Her self-expression through art chronicles her recovery from cancer, not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well.

Other Outreach Efforts. . .

Accolades and thanks to Lou Hoffman who represented Wellness House at the Congress Park School Health Fair, and Meg Naber who distributed brochures and answered questions concerning Wellness House at the Lutheran General Health Fair.

And What Would We Do Without. . .

The Library Volunteers who must now spread their wings and go it alone without Library Coordinator and Facilitator Heather Levenberg Cole who is taking time off for new little boy Daniel. Jan Nelson, Susan Maren, Laura Glaister, Chris Gannon, Pat Kissinger and Storey Shearer have been preparing for months to make sure the library will continue to run smoothly so Heather can enjoy her first few months of motherhood at home.

The Junior Auxiliary who spent several hours of their free time on Sunday, April 26 at Wellness House cleaning all the windows and glass doors. And to Joe Fenton and new Governing Council member Kevin Jesswein who stepped up to supervise this effort. Thanks for allowing the sun to shine brighter each day.

Not to Mention. . .

The Courtyard has elected its new Board members and officers for 1998-99. Carole Pyle will serve as President aided by Vice President Monique Walters and Secretary Juanita Elder. We will miss outgoing President Cindy Johnson and thank her for her leadership over the past year.

A Special Thank You. . .

We continue to be amazed at the extraordinary efforts of Board member Tornie Mackay in giving the grounds of Wellness House the beauty and serenity we appreciate. Tornie has been here almost daily for three weeks. WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT YOU!!!! We join her in thanking her growing list of gardening apprentices: Chela Angelats, Jeanne Donars, Bill Jacklin, Stu Mackay, Andy Beltran, Carolyn Helf, Celeste Ahern, Raffi Angelats, Chris Coyne, Catherine Plunkett, and Junior Auxiliary members Michelle Fitzgerald, Erin Fitzgerald, Ashleigh Rogers, Ashley Calandra, Justin Geiger, Bryce Hruby, John Kelly, Jeannie Murray, Lizzie Silvey, Abby Turowski, and Beth Weldon. Also, we are very pleased that Parker is taking care of the lawn maintenance for the summer. He takes over from Landscape Maintenance, a Wingren Walsh group, who has done the work for the last four years.

A New Effort in Volunteerism!

Plans are underway for an August Celebration of summer for participants to be hosted by representatives of all of the volunteer groups at Wellness House. As Chair of the new Volunteerism Committee, Sallie Silvey is coordinating the event which will share the talents of the Junior Auxiliary, The Courtyard, The Women’s Board, the Wellness House Front Desk Volunteers, the Governing Council, and Special Projects Volunteers.

An Invitation to Help. . .

Specific information concerning the Wellness House Junior Auxiliary GARAGE SALE is included in the enclosed flyer. Please consider helping these dedicated young people in their efforts to raise funds for supplies for Wellness House’s children’s programs. Remember: that item gathering dust in your home, garage, or attic may be a treasure to someone else, and vice versa!

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