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Leigh B. Robinson

You give something that you hope helps...

"I've gotten the same prognosis from five different doctors: 'We can treat your symptoms, we can control the pain, but we can give you no hope for a cure.' That's OK," said Leigh Robinson. "I can face the fact that, very likely I will die of prostate cancer.

"In the intimacy of the group, we can talk about things like that in ways that people who don't have cancer can't. No subject is proscribed; nothing is verboten. And yet, every one of us has told the group a story that has brought us all to tears.

"I don't want to come off sounding all high and mighty, but I feel that since I have a strong spiritual orientation, I'm able to give a little bit of support to others. Sometimes someone will tell me after a group, 'What you said in there really hit home.' So I walk away happy.

"When I first heard about Wellness House, I was not totally convinced that I needed or wanted something else to go to. I go the
doctor's three times a week. I process Medicare reports. I have enough to do. And I get plenty of spiritual support from church and friends. But since my wife and I have been going [to Wellness House], I can tell you that you get something that definitely helps, and you give something that you hope helps."